FHR MBA Graduates 2017

MBA Graduates 2017

FHR congratulates these 20 students who received their Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree on Friday December 8, 2017. Since its start in 2003 the FHR MBA program, which is offered as an internationally accredited program in cooperation ith the Maastricht School of Management, one of the oldest and most international business schools in the Netherlands, has delivered approximately 250 graduates who currently hold senior positions in the Suriname business community.

Standing from left to right: Renato Archer, Stephen Sporkslede, Raymond Tawjoeram, Aroen Gangaram-Panday, Amrish Lachman, Bryan Drakenstein, Kishan Soedamah, Euan Irving, Martin Kartopawiro; seated from left to right: Sanquita Resida, Monique Sowidjojo, Esperanza Bodeutsch, Victorine Moti, Maya Mangre, Chabrille Gravenstijn, Jennifer Kamta, Stephany Simons, Mariska Van den Berg, Nisha Soekha, (Shaun de Freitas not on photo).

The Program Curriculum starts in April 2018 and candidates can submit an application for admission latest by the end of February 2018. Application forms and information can be obtained by contacting Whitney Bousaid, telephone: 422501 or by e-mail: whitney.bousaid@www.fhrinstitute.sr


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