Program objective

In line with FHR’s vision to be a center of excellence in internationally and nationally accredited postgraduate education, a diverse group of midcareer professionals with various academic and professional backgrounds is admitted to our master programs in business administration, governance, humanities and law.

Each year prospective students are offered the Graduate Leveling Program to upgrade and enhance their foundational business, accounting, human resources and governance knowledge and to prepare them for participation in the FHR master program of their choice.

Mode of Delivery

This Leveling Program is taught over a period of 3 to 6 months prior to the admission to the Master programs. There are on-site courses that are taught by certified teachers as well as online courses from certified education institutions. Students will be guided at all times by the FHR program manager to ensure optimal results.

Program Structure

The Accounting & Business Leveling Program is conducted by FHR School of Accounting & Management and consists of six (6) courses in the areas of academic skills, English, statistics, finance, economics and accounting.

In order to be successful in the Master programs, the courses aim  to equip all students with necessary academic skills, basic technical skills and business knowledge as well.

The academic skills course is taught on-site by certified teachers. The English course is conducted online in cooperation with ‘Hogeschooltaal’. The business courses are also conducted online in cooperation with Peregrine Academic Services. Hogeschooltaal and Peregrine Academic Services are well -known international institutions that grant a certificate for successful completion of their courses. These certificates can be used on the Curriculum Vitae of the student.

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Course Description
Academic skills


The academic skills course lies at the basis of each Master program. The necessary skills needed, are categorized as critical thinking and practical reasoning; complex problem solving; oral and written communication skills; interpersonal and team skills. These skills focus on the development and improvement of students’ basic research skills, professional knowledge, self-regulation skills and effective working practices.




The English course improves the basic English grammar, spelling and writing skills that students need. The theory, exercises and tests are based on the CEFR level B2 from the Cambridge Learner Corpus.


Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics


The Quantitative research techniques and Statistics course provides a complete picture of statistical concepts and their practical applications and demonstrate how statistics methods are vital tools for modern business leaders. Students will learn about data collection and sampling, probability, sampling distribution, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance and decision analysis. These skills are aimed at accurate data-driven decision-making.


Business Finance This Business Finance course focuses on financial statements and cash flows, planning for growth and control, debt management, financial instruments, capital budgeting, and returns. It is very helpful to students with a non-financial or non-economic background who want to pursue an entrepreneurial career or join the Master of Business program.


Microeconomics This Micro economics course focuses on the areas of consumer choice, supply and demand, market elasticity, and production and costs. This knowledge is crucial for understanding the organizational level of businesses, companies and nonprofit entities. The course gives insight in how consumers and producers interact with each other.




The Accounting course gives insight into the fundamentals of business accounting, including basic financial statement analysis, analytical measures, corporate annual reports, capital investment analysis, internal controls, budgeting, and performance measures.


Eligibility Criteria

To be admitted to the graduate leveling program a participant must meet the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Relevant work experience, preferably in the domains of engineering, economics, applied ICT or business degrees.
  • Payment of EURO 300 enrollment fee (Payment of this fee also grants cost free access to the master program of choice)

Successful completion of the Graduate Leveling Program grants students access to the internationally and nationally accredited Master programs of the FHR Institute for Higher Education.


The deadline for application is on June 30, 2022