Msmem overview MSMEM

MSMEM Overview

The MSMEM is a 20-month (blended) part-time programme borne out of an evident need for entrepreneurship in the Caribbean region, as documented in a number of national and regional studies in recent years. In response, the UWI Lok Jack GSB, in collaboration with several commercial banks, business leaders and policymakers, created this programme to bridge the entrepreneurship gap, thereby making the region’s economies more sustainable.

The programme is designed to:

– Empower existing and future business owners
– Teach students how to create opportunities to excel in today’s highly competitive marketplace
– Expose students to a globalized environment

Admission Requirements and process

Entry Requirements:

– First degree with Honours from a recognized university
– A minimum of two (2) years working experience, including self-employment.
Mature Entry
– Professional certificate
– A minimum of five (5) years working experience, including self-employment

Programme Cost:
The cost of the MSMEM Programme is USD$7000.00 for the duration of the programme (20 months), which is payable in two parts USD$3,500.00 per year. This covers all programme costs including tuition and all materials.

Additional Cost:
Admission Fee (ILEA)- USD$170.00
UWI Registration Fee- USD$110.00

Submit your documents* to and pay your admission fee. Once your application is screened and deemed eligible, you will be shortlisted to take the ‘ILEA’ – Innovation, Leadership, Ethics and Entrepreneurship Assessment. The ILEA comprises of an online psychometric assessment, an achievement assessment (numerical and alpha), a case analysis, presentation and a brief interview. It evaluates your competencies, strengths and most importantly, your potential to determine your suitability to the programme. You will receive a personal report upon completion of this exercise.
Complete your Admission Assessment online.
On successful completion of ILEA, your application will be forwarded to UWI where you will be issued an Offer Letter within fourteen (14) working days i.e. a formal letter of acceptance via e-mail to the programme which will allow you to complete the final online Registration.
After accepting offer make your tuition fee payment through bank deposit.

– Resume
– Copy of birth certificate
– Copy of National ID
– Copy of Certificate/Diploma
– Copy of Transcripts
– 2 referee reports

Note: All documents must be translated into English (Forms)
We are here to serve you and ensure that you navigate the admissions process smoothly so feel free to contact us should you require any additional information or assistance.

Program structure

The MSMEM programme comprises:
– 13 online core courses
– 3 face to face workshops.

Classes for core courses will be conducted online and students will have the opportunity to interact with classmates and professors in our virtual lecture room. The session will be recorded and uploaded to our e-learning platform and available at your convenience. Mandatory workshops will be conducted face-to-face – which means that you will need to make the required arrangements to attend in the nearest territory (if it becomes necessary as it may not be held in your own country).

Program design

– Flexible & Accessible as you can access classes from anywhere in the world, all you need is an internet connection.
– 100% Practical, there are no exams and your business is your project
– Succession; legacy planning where you build your business for future generations.
– “Authentic Learning” teaching & learning approach, which provides practical courses, assignments, real and actual project-based and problem-based learning activities and presentations that will enhance your knowledge and skills that can be implemented in your organization
– Student Outcome
– Consultant for Small and Medium Businesses, Expansion of Business,
MSMEM Alumni Community
– Alumni for the MSMEM programme are business owners who are seeking personal development and growth for their business.

Program Curriculum

– International and Caribbean Business Environment- 36 hours

– Introduction to Management- 36 hours

– Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting- 36 hours

(a) Professional Development- 8 hoursWorkshops
(b) Orientation to Online Learning @ Lock Jack GSB- 8 hours

– Small Business Financial Management- 36 hours
– Managing People at Work- 36 hours
– Commercial Law- 36 hours
– Pricing and Credit Decision Making- 36 hours
– Operations and Supply Chain Management- 36 hours
– Workshop- Market Research- 16 hours
– Customer Relationship Management- 36 hours
– Marketing Management- 36 hours
– Network Management for Small Businesses- 36 hours
– Growing the Business- 36 hours