Dr. Sjoerd van den Heuvel
Assistant professor in the field of HRM at the University of Twente, worked as a Human Resource Management Consultant at the People & Performance group of Capgemini Consulting for 5 years, and gained broad practical experience.
FHR is not only known for its high quality master programs (MBA, MHRM, MPA, MoA, MSMEM and the MSc in International Finance), but also for its sustained series of seminars and short courses. As an advocate of lifelong learning, FHR continuously emphasizes the need to its graduates and students to further their education through not only completing successfully a master program but also by stimulating a voluntary, self-motivated drive for lifelong learning by partaking in short courses, seminars and public lectures and readings which FHR offers.
The series of seminars and short courses with an overarching theme is conducted and delivered each year by international experts in their respective fields of management, governance and law.


The aim of the series of seminars and short courses is to promote and contribute to lifelong learning by offering management, governance and legal professionals training opportunities to upgrade knowledge, insights, skills and attitudes of participants on issues directly relevant to their practice and performance.
The overall learning objective therefor is to keep professionals abreast of change, innovation and other developments in various domains that thrive modernization of society.


The yearly series of short courses and seminars consists of a number of seminars of one-day sessions and spread over a year on a Wednesday from 09:00 – 15.00 hrs and multi-day sessions. They are targeting FHR alumni, other middle & senior managers of private and public organizations, entrepreneurs, business owners, business advisors and consultants.


Benefits of seminars:
  • The seminars upgrade knowledge and insights on topical issues within the domains of management, governance and law.
  • The seminars enhance communication skills by allowing participants to practice professionally,
  • Communication techniques in a safe, open and stimulating learning environment.
  • The seminars enhance listening skills to be open to others’ points of view in a culture of ‘Learning and Caring’.
  • Interaction in group discussions also creates a platform for practicing interpersonal skills, such as handling
  • conflicts within a group or teamwork when assignments and tasks need to be completed.
  • The seminars create networking opportunities by meeting other professionals who share common interests.
  • The seminars provide for occasions to debate issues related to a specific field and to share experiences and
  • perspectives, often resulting in long-term professional relationships even after the seminar is over.

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