Start – FHR Master programs 2023

By 2 June 2023 Nieuws

The quality of life for future generations will be determined by decisions that leaders make today. We need leaders who show the way and go the way and decision-makers who wholeheartedly consider the fate of our children and their children and are willing to work towards long-term sustainability and value creation. We believe in your potential to become one of these leaders who will take action and is committed to serving the public interest above your own. Pursuing one of our master’s degrees will not only set you apart from the rest of your workforce, but it will help you advance quicker in your career, enhance your earning potential and place you in a position to serve those around you.

Enrolling in one of the programs means that you will gain sufficient knowledge and skills and a deepened understanding of issues concerning the environment, sustainability, and social responsibility and that you will get the opportunity to become a better person, decision-maker and change agent who will be well equipped to help your organization thrive and help Suriname build a vibrant economy that is sustainable well into the future.

The both nationally and internationally accredited programs that are provided in cooperation with, among others, the School of Business and Economics of the University of Maastricht (UMIO and SBE), the International Institute for Social Studies of the Erasmus University (Erasmus ISS) and the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Tilburg (TSB) have been adapted on the basis of five (5) megatrends that currently frame global development. This adaptation is mostly based on the offshore oil and gas discoveries that will bring Suriname into a new phase of its development and the realization that getting institutes ready that will be responsible for this development is a top priority:

 With this update, FHR’s master’s programs are “state of the art,” tailored to the current needs of Surinamese society. They address the need for business professionals and government officials to develop their proficiency in formulating and honing sustainable solutions to policy and business issues to a higher level.

Once again this year, young and ambitious individuals will be given the opportunity to attend these locally and internationally accredited training programs, which will commence in July-October 2023, on a part-time basis, thereby acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to guide the realization of our country’s new prospects.

Prior to the start of the programs, a three-month leveling program will be offered, for which candidates can already sign up now.

Apply now by e-mailing us your resume via or call us on + (597) 425101.